About Town Dog Studio aims to provide a professional, friendly service to our customers, with experienced groomers and staff following strict business practices and procedures to ensure that your dog will be provided safe quality care while visiting our salons.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact us.

Collection of Personal Information

To provide the best service to our customers, About Town Dog Studio will retain personal information records for the customers and their dogs, which are kept in a confidential database. This information is not shared outside the company and is only used for the purposes of the services we provide. Click here to read our full Privacy Policy.

Dog Behaviour

We want our customers’ dogs to have the best positive experience they can while in our care. If they are anxious, we will do our best to keep them calm and work with them during the grooming service. 

If a dog displays signs of aggression, or is particularly noisy, we will do our best to handle with care, but if the dog is a potential risk to staff or other dogs, the owner may be asked to collect the dog immediately.

Opening Hours

Our opening hours range between 8am and 9am, all bookings are by appointment only, and pick up times are discussed with the owners at the time of booking.

If an owner does not pick up their dog by the time advised, additional charges may apply if the salon is required to stay open until the dog is collected.


Owners are required to pay for the service at the end of the appointment in full. 


Every dog is unique, and prices vary depending on a range of criteria such as breed and size. Customers will be provided a quote when making an initial enquiry, however all quotes are estimates only, and pricing will be confirmed at the first appointment.


If your dog is still due for their vaccinations, they are welcome to come in, however although we sanitise our working areas and keeps dogs separate, bookings are at the owner’s risk.

Vet Assistance

If a dog is injured or sick during an appointment, and we are unable to contact the owner, a vet may be contacted, and owners will be liable for all costs, unless we are responsible for the cause.